Capture Culture

Why does the world need Voiz DAO?

There’s this concept of “deep culture” (thanks Zaretta Hammond, who we’re paraphrasing). It refers to our core myths, our cosmology. The stories we tell about why and how we exist. We don’t just connect with these stories. We get an emotional charge out of sharing them. They help us collectively make sense of the world. Derive meaning from it.

We really need to make sense of the world. We’re not. Our inability to do so threatens life on the planet. What’s wrong is not technology, or markets, or human nature. What’s wrong is that our culture has been captured.

Captured by corporations.

It’s not a nefarious plot. No super-villains, just ordinary people in extraordinary institutions. They figured out hijacking our culture was the best route to profits. Web2 helped, a lot. Corporations used it to pursue us into our hiding spots. They didn’t just get good at influencing our culture. They dominated it in a way that dwarfed human scale. Along the way they painted a constellation of beliefs around “sustainability”. Some they appropriated, some they invented. All got branded: “Paris, ESG, Cop26, DEI, Net Zero by 2050, Fair Trade, Greentech, Recycling, BLM, Ocean-Safe, SDG’s, Pride, Build Back Better, We’re All in This Together”. The painted stars sent us a message: “Don’t worry, the status quo, the one that created the threat in the first place, doesn’t need to change. Your central authorities are on it.”

Our deep culture is to trust central authorities with the future of the planet?

Haha no. We don’t trust them. We can see through their fake authenticity. We can sense that the progress they promise is not near enough.

Our deep culture is still there. It’s just buried. Like a superhero that’s had a skyscraper dropped on them. Time is running out. Deep culture needs new weapons to escape the rubble and win the battle. And tell the epic tale of why and how we exist.

Our deep culture needs Web3 weapons. Voiz DAO is one.



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