Learning’s Wormhole

A wormhole is mostly a metaphor. It stands for connecting two un-connectible points. Travel through a wormhole, you show up where you feel you couldn’t be, but you can still be your plain old self.

Learning needs a wormhole. Spoiler, it’s web3.

Not that long ago — just a few hundred years — we lived in a place where we learned through living. Living generated necessity, play, caring and wonder. That sparked engagement. From engagement sprang critical thinking, intuition, creativity, rigor, judgement, and voice.

Then we got exiled. In this new place, learning was cleaved from living. Compartmentalized into its own location (aka school) and time (countless hours). Students were told this was necessary for progress. Some thrived. Maybe they lived mostly in their head to begin with. Some figured out how to turn school itself into a game of status and conforming. It was a kind of role-playing game, except the role-playing never ended. The rest disengaged to varying degrees. Some outright rebelled. Outside school hours they got to play again. Video games, for instance. Funny that video games are complex and challenging, and yet don’t require school to master. That’s living.

Was exile necessary? Some would argue yes. We couldn’t have progress, or even society, without it. And in any case, our home base seemed so far away by that point. How could we possibly return?

Through a wormhole made of web3.

We’re building one at Voiz. Learning is not the point of our DAO. Living is the point. Living means fighting in the battle for planetary justice. It’s a game, so it’s play. It’s also the most important source of necessity, wonder, and caring.

We’re not out to force it. We’re creating a DAO that rips a little bit of space, enough so a few teachers can take their classrooms through it, and then, hopefully, more and more teachers will see the possibility, and students too. We’ve been talking to both. They are all sick of exile and wormhole-ready, because COVID. We think they might fall out the other side of the wormhole, look around, and decide “I’m home”.



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