Solarpunk Analysts Unite!

A Manifesto for our Future

Imagine a livable future.

To be a little more specific, imagine an achievable future that you want to live in and help bring about. Now judge whether something will put us on a path to that future. Communicate it to others and get their feedback. Repeat.

It’s a simple proposition. Everyone be a solarpunk analyst.

Also a bold one. Because today society doesn’t do solarpunk analysis. We sense-make differently than working backwards from success. Instead, the norm is to start with the present and measure progress from there. This frame produces narratives like, “good for the planet”, “people, profit, planet”, or “progress and not perfection”. The stories seem well meaning. What could be wrong with doing good?

The IPCC has an answer. It’s the organization humanity created to warn us when it comes time for an impending climate disaster. Lately they’ve blasted the airhorn so close to our ears they hurt. There’s not exactly an IPCC for biodiversity, soil health, or social justice, but the threat signals there are equally unavoidable.

They are warning us. It’s time. Decades of doing good for the planet has not turned out to have been good for the planet. We have to try a different frame.

Like that of a solarpunk analyst.

Which is loads harder. It’s a lot harder to imagine the world 30 years from now than it is to track incremental progress over last year’s world. It’s a lot harder to decide what kind of world you want to live in, and what you want to do about it. It’s definitely a lot harder to evaluate what you expect out of the people running our dominant institutions, and how you would influence those people to act, And yet, if we’re going to shift to the right trajectory. If we’re going to end up with a livable world. We absolutely need those people to move. Now.

Being a solarpunk analyst is being the best analyst one could imagine, one with clear eyes, empathy, a sharp, probing mind, an ability to synthesize, judge, and communicate, and in the end a focus on action and success. Determined to win for the future of life on this world.

Being a solarpunk analyst is a high calling. It doesn’t need to be a title, or a full time job. It can always be operating in the background, the wheels turning over the course of a lifetime, evaluating, synthesizing, judging, sharing, building. All of us, together.

Decades from now the world will look back, just as the IPCC has done recently. It won’t ask, “was progress made”. It will ask, “did they get it right?”. Did they look up, sense-make, act. The 200th slide in the cost cutting deck, the 4am investment banking earnings projection, they will end up as digital detritus, zeros and ones fading inside a rust-colored mountain of e-waste. Not the stuff of lore.

Were you, actually, a solarpunk analyst?

If you want to answer yes, then help us figure out what it means, how to do it, how to be one. That’s our project at VoizDAO. Start by joining us for one of the very first attempts at evaluating web3 projects for their contribution to a livable world. A one-day hackathon with potentially big implications for a technology that holds exciting promise, yet often stumbles short of it. Get the wheels turning, explore, share your insights and discoveries.

It’s time. Reach out to us if you’re interested in participating.We’d love to have you join us.



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