Start Making Sense

We’ve known about the “greenhouse effect” since before cars. We’ve known about systemic racism for far longer. Inequality detoured north in the seventies.

Knowledge is not the issue. The problem is we haven’t made sense of it all. At least not collectively.

Sense-making means, together, observing, evaluating, feeling, judging, voicing. It doesn’t matter if scientists understand the threat. We need to understand it as a collective intelligence. Our sociality — we’re one of a dozen species to exhibit it — makes us a super-organism. Like a slime mold, but hotter.

We lack for collective intelligence about the threats we face. The reason is clear. Our centralized institutions don’t want us to have it. That sounds like a serious charge but hold on. The Voiz community has done over fifteen hundred sustainability evaluations of products –ratings and reviews. Each one opens a window into the world built by corporations. There, they find labor mistreatment, environmental racism, greenwashing, ocean plastics, backend-loaded Net Zero plans and more.

That’s enough reviews to start to create a mosaic, an independent picture of reality.

The mosaic is sense-making. Imagine hundreds of thousands of students and supporters joining Voiz and adding to it. Not just evaluations of products, but of our major institutions, like universities. Evaluations of sports teams, government policies, investment funds, corporate Net Zero plans, new green technologies, Cop26 communiques, impact VC funds, billionaire plans to save the earth. Now layer on top a different form of evaluation and sense-making: creative expression. Imagine NFT art competitions at marginalized high schools depicting — through their lived experience — the battle for the planet, the rebels, the weapons, the perpetuators. A portal showing all that activity, all those squads and quests, all over the world, each one with their own identity asset.

Beyond sense-making, action. The capability to launch raids — that coordinate large-scale consumer action — on irresponsible central authorities. Wall St. bets for good. A vast library of ratings and reviews available via API to all e-commerce and fintech sites, so that consumers and investors can weigh in every time they click buy. Auctioning an NFT dinner with Tim Cook to talk right of repair. What, he hasn’t agreed to any dinner? That’s the point — how many ETH will that NFT go for before the pressure on him, and the damage to Apple’s brand, grows? Tokens, social constructs, used to coordinate social actions at a mass scale. All of this, ultimately, occurring in the metaverse, and at the same time helping to keep it free of Meta capture.

And, as we talked about before, people learning because they are living. High school students investigating the health impacts on their community of an Amazon mega-warehouse. Letting the rest of the world know what they see through their eyes. Learning chemistry, biology, business, and video editing along the way. Teachers, ready to serve those squads as resources, and college students as peer-to-peer guides. Call it Quest-Based Learning. Yes, it’s coming.

Much of it exists or is being built today. We’ve been at it for eighteen months. 350 college student members, 33k hours contributed, eight IRL campus chapters with a replicable footprint. We’ve adopted an intentional culture of responsiveness, one that fits with a decentralized organization and mobilizes all voices. Already, Voiz has dozens of on-going quests, like our “battle for the planet’s future” NFT design challenge at NYU, a Sustainable Investing Summit at Cambridge and Cornell, a college ratings squad at UCSD, and squads forming at high schools in two marginalized communities (in Denver and D.C.).

Voiz DAO aims to be the first DAO to spread across college campuses, pulling from a global population of 50m that is known for one big thing: its passion for regenerating a livable planet.

The Voiz community is growing and thriving. We’re forming a mosaic of collective intelligence that shows how the world looks today, and how it will look different tomorrow. We plan on using that solarpunk mosaic to coordinate action at a mass scale. We will become a weapon in the battle for the planet’s future.

Voiz DAO won’t stop until the world starts making sense.



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